KnitPro Interchangeable needle set mini wood indigo

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Product Description

Circular knitting is made easy with this interchangeable Indigo mini needle tips set by KnitPro. Indigo is a blue dye, which is used, for example, to give jeans their classic blue tint. Indigo gives a sense of peace and tranquillity: perfect for knitting!

The interchangeable tips in this set are 5cm long, making them ideal for knitting small projects such as socks and gloves. The gradually tapered tips and smooth finish of the wooden needle tips provide a smooth knitting experience. The stylish needle tips feature a lovely indigo colour, while the wood structure still remains clearly visible. The needle size can be found on the needle tips, which transition smoothly into a nylon cable via the black screw section. The cable is strong as well as flexible: you do not have to worry about the cable twisting or kinking. The smooth surface allows the cable to glide effortlessly through the stitches. The cables can be attached to the needle tips thanks to a perfectly fitting cable key. The holes for the cable key can also be used as a lifeline to retrieve dropped stitches, for instance. The end caps turn an interchangeable cable into a straight needle or stitch holder. The complete set consists of the following parts:


  • 7 x pairs of 5cm long interchangeable knitting needles in needle size 3.00, 3.50, 4.00, 4.50, 5.00, 5.50 and 6.00mm
  • 2 x coloured nylon cables: 1 x 27cm and 1 x 30cm total length including needle tips
  • 4 x black end caps
  • 2 x cable keys


The entire set is packaged in a handy, clear storage pouch with two zip pockets. The case closes with a press stud. In addition, the set includes a needle tip pouch, which can be stored in the larger pouch. The needle tip case is made with denim, while the large case is made from a combination of denim and leather paper, which gives it a trendy, cool look